Creating Safer & Welcoming Neighborhoods

This presentation uses a combination of storytelling, data, and definitions of racial profiling, implicit bias, and systemic racism to discuss potential and real impacts on people of color living in our communities.

Presenters use real examples from Nextdoor and personal experiences to describe racial profiling and how neighbors can work to avoid profiling people of color when reporting crime.

There are two presenters - one person of color and one white person.

Presentation length - 40 minutes

Black Lives Matter Vigil

On Saturdays, from Noon to 1 pm, we gather at the corner of MacArthur Blvd. and Fruitvale Ave. in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Cracking the Codes Screening

We have held two free screenings of the World Trust film, Cracking the Codes: Unlocking the System of Racial Inequality.

White Awake Accountability Groups

We have two White Awake Accountability Groups for those of us who wish to deepen our understanding of racism and white supremacy in order to become more skillful and respectful of the people of color in our lives. We explore issues of implicit bias, white privilege, and white culture through films, readings, and our own personal stories to become more skillful and respectful of the people of color with which we work and who are our neighbors. We learn to not call each other out, but call each other in and learn from each other's missing the mark.    Together we ask - How we can resist caving into white fragility and instead build resilience to face racism and its impact, to stand in our discomfort, to bring our fear with us and continue to do the work, and to sustain ourselves for the long haul ahead?