Educators in Resistance

Educators in Resistance
Pledge of Resistance

In the face of an incoming administration that has repeatedly threatened Immigrants, Muslims, Women, Indigenous Peoples, LGBTQ+ communities, working class people, African Americans and other People of Color - we, as educators, must take a stand.

We are aware of the bitter lessons of history, and will not be silent or neutral. If not stopped, the Trump administration will intensify the existing attacks on the oppressed, and put humanity and the planet in grave danger.

We refuse to cooperate with or normalize a government administration that empowers, enables, and emboldens the forces of fascism and white supremacy. We refuse to accept the persecution of people because of who they are, what abilities they have, who they love, where they come from, what religion they practice, the language they speak, or the documents they do or do not possess. We refuse to accept the suppression of dissent and basic democratic rights.

We call on all school workers and students to build independent solidarity committees.
These committees will cohere our resistance across institutions, and defend all students, school workers and community members against attack. These committees will also contribute toward a broader offensive through mass struggle and mobilization for material improvements in the lives of our students and communities, such as living wages, affordable housing, healthcare, public education, labor rights, and protection from state sanctioned violence.

We do not make this pledge lightly. We recognize the seriousness of the threat at hand. We will come to the defense of those attacked for who they are and those standing up to the forces of repression. We accept this responsibility and will put our bodies and reputations on the line to uphold it.

We will teach empathy and solidarity in the face of attempts to divide us.
We will teach courage and speaking truth to power in the face of intimidation and lies.
We will teach critical thinking in the face of dogma and pressure to conform.

This critical moment for humanity calls on us more than ever to unleash the creative imagining of a more just world. Through our words and actions, we will fight for justice, peace, and a world deserving of the intellect, creativity, strength, and spirit of our students.

                                        Join us!