Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

...To all ancestors who were enslaved, enchanted are your souls, your blood fleet cracked the seashells that lay beneath the sand on the seashores of our beginnings.  I call for the healing of those feet in us and in those around us, breathing wind million years old, left in the thicket of trees and foul marshes. 

Come ancestors to the table where we eat rice that you have given us.
Come feel the cotton clothes we wear because of the crops you harvested.
Come let us kiss you hands that swelled long after sunset each day.  If only all that which you loved and lost came back from the heavens, back from beneath the sea.  We walk the sacred land where you withered and rose again despite the horror, we honor, you for surviving our beginnings.

To all ancestors whose bones are left unsettled from the massacre, genocide any loss of land, culture, and language, who migrated from all directions, from the south, north, east, west, above, and below, may your bones be settled.  
May your humble beginnings never be forgotten.  We know of the days and nights you spend ensuring that we had food and shelter.  

Come let us honor you for all your courage.  
Come let us concentrate our love upon you as we speak you names.

You remind us of the 'we' that we are.  
For it is in the 'we' where we found our home together as people, close to the sacred earth in which your skin has faded and your name is invoked forever.

We go now with the ancient fists carried by those of us who are willing to speak of reconciliation, love, and compassion, those of us who are willing to heal the pain we have caused ourselves and one another and to see the place within us that is untouched by suffering and filled with joy.

May the merit of our work go out to all who suffer. 
May we be well.  
May we be healed.


~Zenju Earthlyn Manuel 

(Black Angel Cards)