Food for Thought

"We define discussions about race in America to the 'problems' Black people pose for Whites rather than consider what this way of viewing Black people reveals about us as a nation.

This paralyzing framework encourages liberals to relieve their guilty consciences by supporting public funds directed at 'the problem"; but at the same time, reluctant to exercise principled criticism of Black people, liberals deny them freedom to err.  Similarly, conservatives blame the 'problems' on Black people themselves--and thereby render Black social misery invisible or unworthy of public attention.

Hence, for liberals, Black people are to be 'included' and 'integrated' into 'our' society and culture, while for conservatives they are to be 'well behaved' and 'worthy of acceptance' by 'our' way of life.  Both fail to see that presence and predicaments of Black people are neither additions to nor deflections from American life, but rather constitutive elements of that life."

Cornel West 
(A quote from the book:  Courageous Conversations About Race by Glenn E. Singleton and Curtis Linton)