Oakland Local Heroes Celebration

Vice Mayor Annie Campbell Washington honored a long list of local volunteers and business people yesterday at Laurel Elementary School for their dedication to making Oakland an even more wonderful place to call home. We are pleased that she included Neighbors for Racial Justice in her honorees. It was a heart-warming opportunity to see a representative sample of the many, many people who care deeply about Oakland.

Annie included us in the group of honorees working for Holistic Safety, and when she introduced us, she spoke about the impact our work is having not just locally, but nationally through our work with Nextdoor. Ginny Berson accepted our award with these remarks:

"We are just a group of neighbors, most of us living in the Dimond, who came together about 2 ½ years ago to respond to racial profiling on various neighborhood listservs.  Since then we have grown in numbers—and in the work that we do.  Ultimately we are trying to name and dismantle the systemic racial inequity that permeates our neighborhood, our city and our country.  We take special care to listen to and follow the lead of people of color in our work. We know we are not the first to do this, and we stand on the shoulders of those activists who came before.  We know we are not alone, and we stand in alliance with Black Lives Matter and others who are spearheading this movement. This is a cruel and dehumanizing system that hurts us all, and we will not stop trying to overthrow it until it is done."